Turn your iDevice in a
HD audio and video surveillance camera
with iVigilo Smartcam

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iVigilo Smartcam

iVigilo Smartcam turns your iDevice in a mobile audio and video surveillance camera.

Ideal for business and holiday travel, home and small office security, life casting.

Smartcam broadcasts the live camera signal to the Internet for viewing in Smartcam Remote or in any modern browser.

Smartcam can detect motion, faces, sound around your iDevice, send alerts via Email or Twitter and record the alert events in the event history.

The unique iVigilo Cloud feature lets you see and hear what is happening on one Smartcam device from another Smartcam device anywhere in the world.

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Motion detection

iVigilo Smartcam uses the latest motion detection algorithms to detect motion in the camera signal.

The motion sensitivity can easily be adjusted with the slider on the main screen.

Once a motion is detected, Smartcam can store the alert picture as an event on your iDevice, and send it via Email or Twitter to a recipient of your choice.

Broadcast the live signal

iVigilo Smartcam can broadcast a live video stream of the iDevice camera to iVigilo Smartcam Remote or the Internet.
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iVigilo Cloud

Store your Smartcam events and settings in the iVigilo Cloud and share them among all your Smartcam devices.

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iVigilo Extensions

The iVigilo Ex architecture lets you add innovative functionality to your Smartcam without installing a new App. Start with the base, free, Smartcam and just add iVigilo Extensions from within the App, once you need them.

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Event History Ex

This extension brings a detailed alert event timeline to iVigilo Smartcam. Each time Smartcam generates an alert, an event is saved in the history.

The event history includes a thumbnail, HD picture of the event, description and date information.

The Event History EX makes use of the iVigilo Cloud. This means that the event history is synced to the cloud and can be viewed between multiple Smartcam devices, whether on Mac or iOS.

In combination with the Video Recorder Ex, the Event History EX saves a video clip instead of a still picture.

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Audio Sensor Ex

The Audio Sensor EX turns your Smartcam device in a cloud based microphone.

Define the background noise peak and turn on the audio sensor.

When the background noise level is higher than your defined peak, an alert is generated and a sound recording is stored in the Event History.

You can listen to the soundrecordings from any Smartcam device on iOS or Mac from anywhere in the world.

Video Recorder Ex

The Video Recorder EXtension adds video recording to your Smartcam device. Video events will be recorded on your device and can be viewed from your event history. You can playback the event videos and store them to your camera roll.

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Face detection Ex

The Face Detection Ex uses the latest face detection technology to detect face(s) in the live camera signal.

Once a face is detected, Smartcam can store the event picture or video on your iDevice, or send an alert via Email or Twitter.

PS. The dog is only an example here. Smartcam+ at the moment can only detect human faces.

Alert Ex

Once an iVigilo alert is generated, iVigilo Smartcam can send out an Email or Twitter alert. Alerts can contain the alert event image and a link to the live video stream. You can decide how many alerts are send to whom.

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