Turn your Mac in a video surveillance system
with the iVigilo Smartcam app

The #1 video surveillance app

iVigilo Smartcam turns your Macbook or iMac in an advanced camera security system using the built-in iSight or up to four external Mac compatible USB cameras. With the optional IP Camera Extension you can even integrate your favorite IP network camera in Smartcam.

iVigilo Smartcam broadcasts the live signal from your selected Smartcam camera to the Internet for viewing on any modern browser.

Using the latest motion and/or face detection algorithms, iVigilo Smartcam will detect anything that happens on or around your Mac and will send an alert to you via mail or Twitter.
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Motion detection

iVigilo Smartcam uses the latest motion detection algorithms to detect motion in the active camera signal.

The motion sensitivity can easily be adjusted with the slider on the main screen.

Once a motion is detected, Smartcam can store the alert picture on your Mac or send an alert via Email or Twitter.

iVigilo Smartcam supports the built-in iSight or FaceTime camera and up to four external Mac compatible USB-cameras. With the optional IP Camera Extension, MJPEG IP network camera's are also supported.

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Face detection

iVigilo Smartcam uses the latest face detection algorithms to detect faces in the active camera signal.

Smartcam can detect for motion only, faces only or both.

Once a face is detected, Smartcam can store the alert picture in the event history on your Mac, or send an alert via Email or Twitter.

Never miss anyone who is using your Mac !

Broadcast the live camera signal

iVigilo Smartcam broadcasts a live video stream of the selected active camera to the Internet. The built-in webserver generates an administrator website and a public website. They can be viewed on any modern browser on any device.

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Email or Twitter alerts

Once a motion or face is detected, iVigilo Smartcam can send out an Email or Twitter alert. Alerts can contain the alert image and a link to the live video stream. You can decide how many alerts are send to whom.

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iVigilo Cloud

Store your Smartcam events and settings in the iVigilo Cloud and share them among all your Smartcam devices. No matter if on iPhone, iPad or Mac.

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iVigilo Extensions

The iVigilo Ex architecture lets you add innovative functionality to your Smartcam without installing a new App. Start with the base Smartcam and just add iVigilo Extensions from within the App, once you need them.

Digital Video Recorder (DVR) Ex

This DVR Extension adds video and audio recording to your Smartcam device. Video events will be recorded on your device and can be viewed from your event history.

You can play the videos and store them to your camera roll.

IP Camera Ex

With the IP Camera EXtension, it is possible to add your favorite network IP Camera to iVigilo Smartcam.

Choose from one of the many webcams around the world or add your own IP Camera.
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