The new iVigilo Smartcam Remote

View and control all your iVigilo Smartcam iOS or OS X devices from the palm of your hand with one app: iVigilo Smartcam Remote. Soon available for free in the App Store:

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iVigilo Smartcam Remote will recognize automatically all your Smartcam devices and show them to you .

Just select the Smartcam device you want to view and click OK.

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Familiar interface

If you know iVigilo Smartcam, you know
Smartcam Remote.

View and control your remote Smartcam as if you
are sitting in front of it.

Turn all available sensors and alerting on or off from
a distance.

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One event history

iVigilo Smartcam Remote uses the iCloud synchronized Event history, which shows you from all connected Smartcams the events.

A Smartcam event can include a videoclip, still picture or sound clip subject to which EXtensions you have installed.

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iVigilo Extensions

Smartcam Remote supports the innovative iVigilo Ex architecture, to let you add innovative functionality to your Smartcam Remote without installing a new App. Start with the base, free, Smartcam Remote and just add iVigilo Extensions from within the EX Store in the app, once you need them.