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Easy of use

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Volume button support
iVigilo Video Suite supports the volume buttons on the device to start or stop recording.

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Exposure / Focus
The exposure and focus points can be changed in realtime before or during a recording ! Just point at the symbol and drag it to the required point on the video signal.

Digital Video FX

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Video Processing Filters
Change seperately Brightness, Contrast, Saturation, Temperature, Tint and Hue.
Just use the sensitive on-screen slider to change every setting.
Have full control over your video signal !

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Bundled VideoFX filters
iVigilo Video Suite comes with bundled pro filters like Avatar BlackWhite, Grunge, Sepia, Mr. Yellow and Night2Day.

Sample video using iVigilo Video Suite Sepia filter

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User Defined VideoFX filters
iVigilo Video Suite allows you to save your favorite filter settings to reuse them later over and over again.

With iVigilo Video Suite you can create literally hundreds of different video effect filters. The limit is only your imagination.

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Digital zoom
iVigilo Video Suite allows you to zoom in on the video and record it again but now at the new magnify level. Magnification can be from 1 - 6x.
Show details which have not been seen before.

Sample video using iVigilo Video Suite zoom filter

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iVigilo VideoFX for all your iOS videos !

All the digital VideoFX from iVigilo Video Suite can be used on all your mobile videos. Not only those recorded with iVigilo Video Studio but any video recorded with any program on your iOS device. Any video on your device can be imported in the iVigilo Suite camera roll.

All iVigilo VideoFX's can be applied in real-time during recording or in post processing after the recording.

Time-lapse recording

A time-lapse recording is like a fast forward for reality; it allows you to observe things happening faster than they actually occur.

Time-lapse recordings are great to understand the world by visually showing changes that we cannot normally perceive. You could sit for several days in the same place and watch a flower bloom. But the change happens so slowly that you could not mentally compare one state of the flower to the next. Or watch the clouds go by or the activities on a construction site.

iVigilo Video Suite allows you to create the most beautiful time-lapse recording by defining how often a frame should be captured. The maximum compression that iVigilo Video Suite supports is to compress 24 hours in five minutes.

Wireless IP Camera

iVigilo Video Suite includes the popular iVigilo Smartcam functionality. This turns your iOS equipped device in a high-quality wireless IP Camera which broadcasts the live camera signal to the Internet.